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Impulse Takeoffs Construction
Estimating & Takeoff Experts

In construction, beyond your reputation, nothing is more valuable than your time

, high-quality work generates a profit. Do you have the time?

Accurate and reliable
, we help you propose on more projects without risk.

No Obligation – 24-hour Estimate


We cover a range of industries as diverse as you expected…

Dedicated to saving our clients time and money by specializing in accurate, reliable materials quantity calculations, Impulse Takeoffs allows general contractors to confidently propose on more work with less stress. To receive a no-obligation answer to your takeoff needs complete the Request for Proposal form. Impulse Takeoffs will provide a comprehensive proposal detailing the hours required and payment options that are easily refined to both near- and long-term needs.


Once the proposal is approved, clients fund their account and allocate their hours as desired – project-by-project, monthly, as-needed, or otherwise. Our service and products are completely tailored to each client based on the fundamental factors that make your business distinct from all others.


Accurate, reliable quantities delivered as-scheduled and expected allow your key staff to invest their time in quality, safety, profit, and client relationships. An extra set of hands in your bid room helps you put out more proposals and takes a tedious task off your to-do list whenever you need it without the obligation of a full-time salary.


Impulse Takeoffs fills a unique role in the commercial construction industry.


Construction is a complex, ever-changing challenge where seemingly no two days…

Divisions Serviced

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Word from Our Clients

Accuracy in quantities is definitely important and the backup is always just what I’m asking for. Sending their calculations on to my supplier is basically a copy/paste exercise that really doesn’t involve a lot of risk on my part with Impulse Takeoffs on board.

Jeff Rosser, President
Rosser Painting

Impulse Takeoffs is a value compared to the cost of a full-time employee. Their professionals read the plans and produce the calculations exactly as I want them, and the hours are allocated as needed to meet my actual workload.

Jeff Rosser, President
Rosser Painting

We are Committed to Provide The Best Quality Of Service